The History of My Life

Hallo ...!!!
My name Yan Azmi, until now I am familiar with a kurdt, born on 28 january 1986 a small village in the western part of the indonesian. I grew up by both my parents to work as farmers with some cattle keep buffalo. According to the story of my parents, they met in 1983, which at that time my father worked as a contractor that the project is not far from my mother's house, and then involved in a relationship and get married early in 1984. On 22 january 1985 my sister was born female, and I was born the next year on january 28.
In the two years I grew up I do not remember anything, a matter most recent and up to now I still remember when my parents build a simple house (around March 1988) near a rice field in the management of the family by my mother.

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