One, Two ... where? why Three?

I very surprised, when one of my friends (chibogacrew) say that my page rank from is now three, and I really did not expect. fair, since the beginning I really had not check the ranking and I understand less about the ranking. so far I have not dare to say thank you to because I feel something is not useful from my blog. I think before this takes hard work to get it all, but I was not doing anything, and I doubt that here is the jealousy of friends that have worked hard with what they have done so far., my esteem of you and it is your decision. Finally, I have one question for you, blog master, master SEO, web master, after I read any posts this:
page ranking is like what the eyes
Thanks before

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Kristina Dian Safitry mengatakan...

dapat kado dari om google juga ya?

kurdt mengatakan...

mhehe...iya mbak dian...
tapi saia lom dapet sperti yang mbak dian dapat.

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