Computer Network In Around

what such with the computer network?

computer network interpreted as connection two or more computer which

attributed to use a communications system

which always requiring medium of sinyal or carrier.

This carrier sinyal medium can be in the form of the

cable, wave elektro magnet, light, or other medium.

To submit a data, sistem communications also require an

order or so-called by protocol, than, from boldness of above system

communications represent a complex system develop builded from

three component

especial, that is transmission medium, carrier, and protocol.


And now, what difference of computer network with the data communications?

computer network is a sytem using techn of data communications, but rather

making account of the meaning of every moment beet process the data

delivery accepted by its target computer.

and following, what the computer network benefit of this time?

of course, couse:

- With the computer network will enable the somebody to can to

access the file (upload) or others file which have been permitted

to access (download) where and when even also.

- With the computer network enable the process of data delivery take

place swiftly and efficient.

- Computer network enable there will be sharing hardware to client.

- Computer network can depress the operating expenses, like delivery expense

what possible very far, economize the time, quickly, and surely.

That's all first,:hi:
and aaa,
Thank you.

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